Artist Interviews

Battle Scars: New Album From 22Tango Out Soon

Battle Scars is the new album from James Taylor, aka 22Tango. For those of you who have visited in the past, you may recall James’s last post here. For those of you who are new to James, he is a hip-hop artist who makes the world a brighter place for servicemen and women who…

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S’eye on Life: Humble Beginnings to Musical Success

Before Christmas, I did a post on a song by S’eye called Abstract Soul (Standing Tall). I found S’eye to be a fascinating guy. This is mainly because of where he started in life and where he is now. Therefore, I invited him back for an interview post. I know this will inspire and enthral…

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22Tango, War Hero and Rapper On Life and Lyrics

Today, I have the honour of interviewing Purple Heart recipient and rapper, James Taylor who is otherwise known as 22Tango. James gives us an insight into his life and how his career as a rapper has developed over time. 1. When did your rapping passion begin? 22Tango: It all started with poetry in 3rd grade,…

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