Instrument Plugins

VK1 by Blamsoft – Freebie Friday – 11th December 2020

Freebie Friday this week brings the VK1 by Blamsoft. This is a nice little softsynth and is especially good if you are making electro base or synthwave music. Being free is also another great bonus and a way for Blamsoft to get as many downloads of this synth as possible. What is VK1 by Blamsoft?…

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Get Your Kicks on Synsonic’s BD 808 Drum Machine

Today, we look at Synsonic’s BD 808. Although this is a basic drum machine that will enable you to find some great kicks that you can use in your music. Obviously, as the name suggests this drum machine is modelled on the iconic TR808 of 1980s music fame. If you missed Tuesday’s review of Trance…

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