Music Education

7 Music Educational Sites to Build Your Music Career

As I write this blog post, I am currently at the end of the second trimester in my Master’s Degree at University. It’s going well. I hope I will achieve some good marks, but we’ll just have to see. However, the fact that I am in my break means that I have more time in…

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Learn Music Production Online: 3 Great Course Providers

Perhaps the most appealing career to get into is music production. How do you find music producer training? Are there any ways to learn music production free? What music production courses do I recommend that you take? What is my best advice to people who are looking at how to learn music production online? In…

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Online Music Lessons: The Pros and Cons For Students and Teachers

Online music lessons have totally revolutionized the way in which music is taught for both instrumentalists and those interested in getting to grips with music technology. However, as with everything else, online tutorials have their pros and cons. In this post, we will be identifying the pros and cons of online music lessons and also…

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