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Alex Genadinik has published a new video for his anti-gun song, Magic Dandelion. This is a serious subject with a fun video. Therefore, it is right for any age group and would be an important experience, particularly for a younger audience.

The video includes images of dandelions, love hearts, clouds and a beautiful cartoon lady. These are fun images, but the story behind the song, as already mentioned, is much more serious.

Musical Skills in Magic Dandelion

Alex shows that he is a highly skilled guitarist. The song is played in fingerstyle guitar and it takes practice to master the art of fingerstyle guitar. Personally, it took me several years to master playing fingerstyle and even now (after over 20 years) my guitar skills are not quite as clear and well articulated as the skills that Alex displays in his playing.

Alex also sings a lot more comfortably now. A while ago, I remember that he was not quite there with his voice, but now he sings much more clearly. The words are much more easy to understand and they fit into the tune with the correct pitch.

Other Instruments Used in Magic Dandelion

As well as Alex’s voice and guitar, there is also a piano and a synthesizer in the background to add flavour and fulfilment to the song. However, the guitar is much more prominent.

Other Interesting Elements in Magic Dandelion

Around 3:05 there is a much richer reverb part to the singing and instrumentation. This adds variety to the song and makes it even more interesting.

Finally, at the end of the song there is another vocal part that Alex uses his voice as an instrument and as an acapella.

What Genre Does The Song Fit Into?

Magic Dandelion is a Russian folk song. Therefore, it would be the kind of song that you could happily listen to at a quiet night out in a pub or bar. It is not too energetic, yet lively enough to fully entertain and satisfy an audience and provide a relaxed atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

The last time we heard Magic Dandelion, the song was only Alex and his guitar. There wasn’t much of a difference in the visuals. Furthermore, there was no piano or synthesizer. Alex’s singing was not as strong as it is in this song.

It is great to see that Alex has made more of a foray into his music. He is a skilled musician and it is important that he shares his skills with his audience.

It is also good to hear Alex accompanied by the other instruments. The future looks bright for Alex and his music. I wish him all the best in the future with his music. It is very much worth investigating Alex’s music and if you enjoy the track in this podcast, you are welcome to subscribe to Alex’s YouTube channel.

For Further Listening…

You can learn more about Alex Genadinik and his music on his music YouTube channel. Also learn more about Alex at his business website, Problemio, and his other website for selling social T-shirts at WaveIfYouLike.

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