Free Download: Dexed VST Softsynth

Freebie Friday this week features Dexed VST Softsynth by Digital Suburban. This was indeed one of the most popular VST’s of 2019. Please watch the video for a run-through of the different sounds that Dexed VST has in its presets list. However, I will gladly share my thoughts on this nice little (or should I say BIG) freebie. There is so much to Dexed that it is difficult to call it a little VST.

What are the Key Points of Dexed VST?

Apart from its 32 presets, Dexed is available on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. If you have anything that can run a VST, AU or LV2, you can run Dexed.

It is based on Yamaha DX7 (hence the name D-Ex-ed). Therefore, it can pack a punch and is capable of creating a vast range of sounds.

There are 144 automatable parameters available on one single element of the plugin. Therefore, if you are an FL Studio freak (like me), you can set up automation clips on Dexed. However, this works equally well with any digital audio workstation that will run the aforementioned file types.

What is New in Dexed 0.9.4?

However, the above features are just for starters. The latest version – 0.9.4 also has the following features…

  • 0.9.4 can run as a standalone synth
  • There is a superior ability to handle MIDI.
  • The detune function is much more accurate
  • EG envelopes are much more accurate
  • Pitchbend any channels

Dexed VST is Capable of Some Great Sounds

As you will hear in the videos, there are some particularly great sounds to be found on this plugin. The fact that it is free is a great bonus point. I would quite happily part with a few quid if it was a premium plugin.

Where Can Improvements be Made?

I believe Dexed is a great plugin. However, there are a few points that I would raise if Digital Suburban is looking for feedback. My biggest reservation is that the ability to change and modify sounds can be quite unresponsive at times. It could also do with a few more presets (like maybe ten times as many would be great). However, if we had 320 presets, it would undoubtedly not be featured on my Freebie Friday post. The development team would want to be paid.

The Final Verdict on Dexed VST

Dexed is a definite hit. Although there are a couple of reservations, this is a free synth. They have been able to create some decent quality music with it. Therefore, I think you should grab it – before they put a price tag on it. Download Dexed here.

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