Dodge Pro by WA Production: An Inside Look

Whether or not you are accustomed to sidechaining your music is irrelevant. Dodge Pro by WA Production can do this really easily. Not only can Dodge Pro sidechain your music, but you also have an additional way to gate your music.

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Dodge Pro by WA Production: Functionality

As you will see from the video, the functionality of Dodge Pro by WA Production is easy to understand. When the line is at the top of the GUI, the volume is full. At halfway, the volume is halfway and when the line is at the bottom of the GUI, it is quiet. You can make any pattern you want with the line which allows for both sidechaining and gating. Therefore, this is a great addition to your library. If you would like to purchase Dodge Pro, you can get it here.

In Comparison with Kilohearts’ Trance Gate Snapin

Dodge Pro is harder to configure than Trance Gatte Snapin. At the time of writing, Trance Gate Snapins is just under £35. Whereas Dodge Pro is only £6.95. This latter figure is because Plugin Boutique have it on a special offer. When it goes up it will set you back£22.96 which is still less than Trance Gate Snapin.

Although Trance Gate Snapin is easier to configure, Dodge Pro is able to change volume much easier. As I said above, when the line on the GUI is half way, it is in half the volume. Therefore, you have a full spectrum of volume to mess around with. This feature is not available on Trance Gate Snapins. However, you can play with more intricate gating design on Trance Gate Snapins.

So Which Would I Go For?

I actually own copies of both Trance Gate Snapin and Dodge Pro. Therefore, it is not a case of “Which would I go for?” It is more a case of what would I prefer to use. The answer to that question is that it all depends on the music I hope to make with it. If I am making a stab, I would use Dodge Pro. If I am after more of a continued trance-like effect, I would choose Trance Gate Snapin. Therefore, I advise you to purchase both plugins. However, it all depends on the kind of music you make as to whether or not you take my advice. If you make trance music or anything like that (techno, house, etc), I recommend you to get both plugins.

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