Free Download: Asteroid Part One by Krannaken

Do you want to be one of the first to get to hear Asteroid Part One. This is your opportunity. Not only are we giving you the opportunity to listen to the track. We are also giving you the chance to download it for yourself. All you need to do is enter your email address, share Asteroid on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel. That is all we require. Once you have done that you can listen to the track over and over again for as long as you like.

History of Asteroid Part One by Krannaken

Asteroid Part One was created by Everhald Hyme Purdy on Cubase in 2020. If you love Everhald’s music, why not check us out on Spotify. Everhald produced both The Crystal and all of the Lost Youth tracks too. I wrote The Cracker, Breakthrough and PopCorn (the latter is a cover). Anyway, check out Krannaken here. We always love to know there are people listening to our music.

So, Where is the Link to Get My Free Copy of Asteroid?

You can download Asteroid Part One here.

Do We Have Another Freebie Planned For Next Friday?

The freebie for next Friday will be another awesome track that Everhald has recently had published. Check that out next Friday right here at

Asteroid Part One
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What Do We Have Coming Your Way Next Week?

I know I said I would do an album review on a Monday, but I am doing a video on finding free Spotify lists to submit to. I just think this would be more value to you. There is a strategy that I am sharing with you and I want you to experience that success for yourself. You don’t pay anything to use the site I will be showing you. You simply just submit your music for their perusal. If they like it, they will accept it and you will gain more exposure as a result.

On Tuesday, I will be showing you the all new LoopCloud. This is a service that I was actually praying for, for a long time. It is a producers dream and I want to show you more about it so that you can access it yourself.

On Wednesday, I am going to give you more ideas for your YouTube channel. Therefore, you will be able to generate ideas for that. Trust me, there is a lot you can do with a YouTube channel. I have many ideas for my channel already. It doesn’t bother me if you take my ideas. You are welcome to do that. There is nothing wrong with a little competition.

I will also bring you another episode of In The Studio With Krannaken on Thursday. They are good and easy for me to do. You get to see an experienced producer in action and also learn something about FL Studio in the process.

Finally, on Friday, I am going to give you access to another track from Everhald. That is something to look forward to. You can get this week’s freebie here.

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