How to Grow Your Music Following With This Instagram Marketing Strategy

Burstimo brought the above video to our attention. From the outset, we know that you are going to be able to hack Instagram’s algorithms and grow your music following with a simple Instagram marketing strategy starting today.

Instagram is viewed by many artists as key to their success. It allows you to grow your musical fanbase with the ability to share both videos and images. Therefore, you can build your image, grow your music following and rock the world with just one Instagram marketing strategy.

“Instagram has more than one billion active monthly users…”

Firstly, let us see the stats around Instagram. There are more than one billion monthly users on Instagram and many artists view it as essential to their success. Therefore, you know that if you are using Instagram, you are tapping into the right market.

The video gives us some idea of what Instagram stardom is about. You can upload a video or an image to Instagram and easily get…

  • Hundreds of thousands of likes
  • DM’s from people telling you they love you and your music
  • Brands telling you they love your content and they want to collaborate with you.

The first thing you want to focus on is your content. Content is King and it will remain King. This is because content makes knowledge and knowledge makes success. Furthermore, the fact that content is King will never change.

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Lewis Capaldi’s Instagram Case Study

One interesting case study is Lewis Capaldi. This is because he currently (at the time of writing this) has 5.5 million followers. His success is due to the content that he is putting out on Instagram.

This is interesting because Lewis isn’t good looking. However, as a man I wouldn’t think so anyway. He is not the kind of guy I would imagine a woman would find good looking. I could ask my wife, but she is busy at the time of writing this.

In any case, you should consider his following and see that even you can make a difference. If Lewis (who I wouldn’t class as good looking) can achieve Instagram success, so can anyone.

Three Main Areas of Content With the Instagram Marketing Strategy

The three main areas of content are education, entertainment and documenting. You need to choose one of these three areas and focus on a theme that fits one of these three areas.

As a musician, you should choose either entertainment or education. This is because the purpose of your music is to entertain. Yet, some of you may want to share tips, advice, etc, to either your fans or other artists.

Here is what each of these three areas of content is about…


This is the way to go if you want to teach your followers. For instance, I teach about music marketing. I combine music and marketing and show other artists how they can achieve success with their music.


This is the content strategy I would have chosen if i was a schoolboy again. I remember times of filming my school. Two occasions really stick in my mind and this was nearly 30 years ago.

There was a time when I jumped on the handyman’s tractor and pressed the horn. This was only because I wanted to make a fun video. I don’t know where the handyman was in all this.

The second time was when I was in pottery class. One of my friends had made a house out of clay and I had the camera zoom in through the window. I was thinking of taking a knife and cutting the house in half. I would have been reprimanded for that though.

At school, I was the class clown. I have done well for myself since then, gone on to University and completed my Bachelor’s Degree.


This is where you document your life. You talk about what is going on. What did you have for lunch? What is going on in your love life? How long did the journey take?

As musician, this can be very interesting to your fans. It can also show people what it is like to be a musician. You could document your tour. Maybe you could also document the purchase of new gear and let people know what they should be looking for in new gear.

How Will this Instagram Marketing Strategy Allow You to Grow Your Music Following on Instagram?

Through this Instagram marketing strategy, you are building your following. This may be gradual and not overnight, but if you stick to it for about three months, that is enough time for you to test that are of content. If you are growing your audience slowly and gradually, stick to it. It doesn’t matter if it is gradual.

Perhaps one of the most important considerations for Instagram, is that it is not a quick fix. It takes time, dedication and perseverance. If you stick to it, you will get to where you want to be.

With this Instagram marketing strategy, you can generate music, merch or concert ticket sales. You can communicate with your fans and let them know what you think. Be as open and transparent as possible. Fans love artists who can be open and honest. At the same time, fans also love artists who don’t take themselves too seriously.

How to Hack the Instagram Algorithm


The best way to hack the Instagram algorithm and make this Instagram marketing strategy work for you is to write compelling captions for all the photos and videos that you share. Nothing is more important to Instagram than engagement. If Instagram find that some content is doing well, they will push it out to even more people.


Just as with any other social media site, the hashtag is the way to generate impressions of your content. If people want to learn more about Fender Stratocaster guitars, they will search for it on Instagram. If you also add something like #Fender to your content caption, people looking for this will find it. Therefore, you can generate necessary impressions and engagement.

Here is a tool that which can generate relevant hashtags for you.

Comments and Further Engagement on Your Content

After you have put content out there, you need to reply to every comment you get. It doesn’t matter if it is negative or if it is a bot. The fact that you are commenting and that you are getting engagement means that you will trigger the algorithm further.

Why Does This Instagram Marketing Strategy Work?

Not only does this Instagram marketing strategy work for the algorithm, but your followers will also know how much you care about them.

The Last Part of This Instagram Marketing Strategy

It is important that you put out three Instagram stories per day. This will practically guarantee engagement, likes and you will have no problem to grow your music following. This is how to ensure that your content will win through.

Furthermore, just using stories will only send your stories out to your followers. Therefore, you also need to combine your Instagram Stories with relevant hashtags so that they are noticed by and receive engagement from a much bigger audience.


If you put in the time and effort, you will succeed with this Instagram marketing strategy and grow your music following. However, you have to know that your content is right for the platform. As a musician, I would recommend that you use Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud as your key social media accounts.

Thank you for reading this post about the Instagram marketing strategy. If you would like to learn more about how to publish your best ever post, please see this post.

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