How to Use Voxengo SPAN For Spectral Analysis

Join me in this video as I show you how to use Voxengo SPAN for spectral analysis. I also show you where you can get your free copy of Voxengo SPAN.

What is Spectral Analysis and How Does Voxengo SPAN Help?

Spectral Analysis shows the range of your track’s frequencies on a graph-like interface. The base notes are on the left and the higher notes on the right. A good mix also has a mixture of a range of frequencies.

On the right of the GUI, there are two channels where the volume pushes up a pair of white levels. The thing to ensure here is that the levels stay white. If they are pushed so far that they turn red, you need to decrease the volume. You can do this by either changing the volume levels on the mix window or by EQing the different sounds so that each instrument has its place on the mix. This will have some great effects on your mix. You will be able to clearly hear each instrument and your mix will sound much better as a result.

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Which Instruments Are Pushing The Levels Too Far?

You need to be careful that the levels are not going into the red? What instruments are too loud at this point? Are the also too many high pitched noises on the FX? Are the base and kick fighting each other for space? You should EQ these instruments at these points.

Where Can You Access Your Free Copy of Voxengo SPAN?

You can download SPAN free here.

Voxengo SPAN Alternatives

There are alternatives to SPAN if you want a better experience. However, SPAN is what I use and it is perfectly good for my requirements. You can access premium alternatives here or if you want to have a look at the other free alternatives to Voxengo SPAN, you can access them here. Please also note that if you do purchase a premium alternative, you will be supporting my blog financially so I would like to thank you if you are considering the premium variety.

You will see that Voxengo themselves make various alternatives, but in my view, the free version of SPAN is the better choice.

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