Dreamland Template For FL Studio 20 by Krannaken


  • Template for FL Studio 20
  • Includes all elements in both MIDI and WAV format
  • Change and edit the elements as you see fit.
  • Add lyrics if you prefer
  • Nine minutes of relaxing music
  • Relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.


Dreamland is our latest addition to our. products. The template is available exclusively on We Make Dance Music.  However, there are other options if you want the music for other professional projects.  Alternatively, you can get a free copy of the track itself here.  Please note that you are only legally allowed to edit the track if you purchase it.  The free copy is only for private listening.

You can learn more of each of the three options here.

The template includes both WAV and MIDI files so if you are unable to find the very same plugins as I have used in this track, it does not matter.  The WAV files have already been processed with the same plugins.  However, if you need or would like to completely edit and change the sounds, the MIDI is there for you to change the plugins.



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