Fear of the Dark Radio Edition


Product Specifications

  • Progressive House
  • 126bpm
  • In the key of G#m
  • 5:05 in length
  • Includes WAV file
  • Includes MP3 at 320kbps
  • Includes MP3 at 128kbps


This is Fear of the Dark.  It is a progressive house track that was inspired by the work of Mikas, Founder of We Make Dance Music.  This song is also available on We Make Dance Music.  You can find the podcast episode of it or click the green button to be taken to this product listing on We Make Dance Music.

If you would like to purchase this track for a YouTube video or to play in a DJ set, it costs just $7.99.  However, if you want this track for commercial purposes such as advertising, etc, it will cost $31.99.

The pack includes three different formats of the same track.  These are a WAV version, an MP3 version at 320kbps and another MP3 version at 128kbps.



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