Krannaken – Black Coffee Trance Music Template For FL Studio 20.8


Product Specifications

  • Set at 138bpm
  • Uplifting trance – incredible break
  • In the key of B minor
  • Includes all MIDI files
  • Includes all WAV files





Introducing Black Coffee trance music template for FL Studio and Ableton. It includes all the midi files and wav files separated into individual folders. It also includes the original WAV and MP3 versions of the song that you can use as royalty-free stock music.

The track is set at 138bpm. This is the most popular trance music tempo and is the best tempo for uplifting trance. The break is something I am particularly pleased with. It took two attempts to get the break plucks right. The first time I accidentally deleted them! Anyway, I think the plucks in this version are better and I am very happy with it.

The track has been gain staged and mixed so that you get the best results right off the bat.

Thank you for your interest in my trance music template, Black Coffee.


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