Krannaken – Bump It – Royalty-Free Trance Stock Music


Product Specifications

  • 128 bpm
  • In the key of A
  • Pack includes WAV remix of Bump It
  • Pack includes MIDI remix of Bump It at 320kbps
  • Hip-Hop beat
  • Gated synths
  • typical trance arpeggios
  • driving bassline




Bump It features a hip-hop beat with trance melodies.

This includes gated pads, trance arpeggios and driving bassline. This is actually a remix from WMDM producer, Kond1. However, I have changed significant parts of this song. The gated synths are introduced, a different percussion pattern for the drop and the drop itself have all been changed to suit more of a trance music market.

You are welcome to play this track to any size of audience, offline or online and you can also use it commercially. The audience can be made up of any group of people from all walks of life. This music brings people together and is something that can be enjoyed by everyone.


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