Krannaken – Long Dark Nights Uplifting Trance Template for FL Studio 20.8 Template


Product Specifications

  • 128bpm
  • In the key of F minor
  • Lasts exactly five minutes.
  • Simple yet intuitive work process
  • Replace plugins with any other plugins
  • Use completely different synths if required
  • Includes MIDI and WAV files.
  • Includes copies of original mix




Introducing Long Dark Nights. This is an uplifting trance track made by Krannaken and sold exclusively on We Make Dance Music.

Long Dark Nights uses only 11 tracks, yet sounds beautiful and euphoric. It shows that you don’t need to have tonnes of different tracks to make something that is stunningly beautiful. It also shows that you don’t need to maximise the RAM and make something with tonnes of tracks that makes your PC or Mac stutter.

Long Dark Nights uses some beautiful samples, Sylenth1, Loopmasters’ Bass Master. However, you can get similar results or maybe even better with any other plugins that you might have on your computer. You don’t have to have Dubstation 2 for delay or Mutant Reverb. You don’t even have to have Sylenth. You can get good results by just using¬†FL Studio¬†stock plugins.

Thank you for your interest in Long Dark Nights. I hope you can enjoy using it and that it makes your learning experience more fun.


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