Krannaken – Stems for Make The Speaker Blow


Product Specifications

  • 7 WAV files
  • 1 MIDI file
  • Includes copy of original mix in WAV format
  • Includes copy of original mix in MP3 at 320kbps
  • Properly EQ’d and mastered for optimum quality




Introducing Make the Speaker Blow. This is our latest techno track and is available for you to remix and make your own.

You can do anything you like with these stems. Why not make a remix? Export these files into different tracks. Use these in your own creations. These stems are properl mastered, EQ’d and much more to give you the best possible results right out of the box. This product also includes the original track in WAV and MP3 formats.

You are welcome to sell them on and keep the profits. The MP3 file is in 320kbps



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