Midnight Driver – Synthwave – FL Studio 20.8 Template


Product Specifications

  • Includes FL Studio 20 template
  • Includes Ableton Live template
  • All melodic WAV files included
  • All melodic midi files included
  • Includes WAV version of original track
  • Includes MP3 version of original track in 320 kbps




If you love synthwave, Midnight Driver is especially for you. It features iconic synthwave snares, driving baselines and cool pads.

This is bound to impress everyone who hears it and this is your opportunity to purchase something that will become a valuable addition to your synthwave repertoire.

This is a synthwave track that comes with templates for both FL Studio 20 and Ableton Live. We have also included all melodic midi and WAV files. You will also find both the original WAV and MP3 versions of the full song. The mp3 version is in 320 kbps.


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