The Aftermath FL20 Template (The Uplifting Remix)


Product Specifications

  • Tempo: 138bpm.
  • The perfect tempo for a trance music track
  • Uses Sonic Academy plugins
  • In the key of D natural minor
  • Feel free to change or edit anything


This is The Aftermath FL20 template.  It is produced by Krannaken as a remix of Psycho – The Aftermath (Uplifting trance version).  You can find it available from WeMakeDanceMusic.

I believe it is a better track than Psycho, and I am sure that you will completely agree if you listen to the track below.

Key Facts About The Aftermath

The key of this track is D natural minor.  The duration of The Aftermath is at 5 minutes and 20 seconds.  You are also free to change the tempo and key of The Aftermath FL20 Template to whatever you require.

The tempo of The Aftermath is 138 beats per minute.  This is the most popular trance music tempo.  I believe you will want to keep it at this tempo.  It is entirely up to you.  However, I highly recommend that you don’t put the tempo up to more than 140 beats per minute.

Listen to the track here…


About The Aftermath FL20 Template

The Aftermath is a trance music track.   Krannaken made the original track especially to allow others to use it.  You have the option to purchase the FL Studio 20 template at a great price.  You can add The Aftermath to your own repertoire.  Therefore, you can also remix this track and make it your own.  You are also free to change any sounds or plugins that are used in this track. Since it was released this track has received a fantastic reception. Why not also add your own magic to it? Thank you for your interest in Psycho – The Aftermath.

What Plugins Were Used

The plugins used in The Aftermath FL20 Template are as follows…

  • Sonic Academy Ana 2.0
  • Sonic Academy Kick 2
  • Izotope Neutron Elements
  • As well as stock plugins

Thank You

Thank you for your interest in The Aftermath.  It is available from WeMakeDanceMusic.  Also, why not purchase the stock music?  This is available here and is suitable for all DJs of electronic music.  However, it would also suit as background music in your videos.  This could be YouTube videos and much more.

Where Can You Purchase The Aftermath FL20 Template

Purchase the template for only $9.99 here

Purchase the stock music for only $7.99 here

Find out more about our products on WMDM here


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