TR7 (Fast Cars) – FL Studio 20 Synthwave Template


Product Specifications

  • FL Studio 20 template
  • 130bpm
  • In the key of F
  • Synthwave
  • In the style of Jean-Michel Jarre




This is a synthwave track in the style of Jean-Michel Jarre. It is happy, upbeat and is good for dancing.

If you want to bring back images of the 80s in your sounds, this is a great option. I am also making this available as stock music. Therefore, if you want to use it as background music in your 80s-themed videos, or anything similar, you are welcome to use this track as that. If you are purchasing theĀ template, you are perfectly welcome to change the presets to suit your taste. You are also equally welcome to add elements into the track if that suits your requirements.


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