folk songs

The One Who Didn’t – An Intense Rock Song

Alex Genadinik is back on This time it is with another heavy-hitting rock song called The One Who Didn’t. The song’s general vibe is along the same lines as the last song we reviewed from Alex, Who By Fire. It has a similar heavy folk-rock feel and is an incredible addition to an already…

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Indecent Proposal: The Perfect Song to Wake Up To

With a laid-back acoustic guitar and vocals, Indecent Proposal have added a feel-good song to their repertoire with Feeling Good. In this post, I will explain who they are and where they are from. I will also show you why you need to listen to Feeling Good, why you need to add it to your…

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Lourdes Pita With The Beautiful Lamento Cubano

We have seen many different genres on, but this is the first time I have reviewed a Spanish folk song. However, it makes a pleasant difference – mainly due to its high sound quality. Therefore, I am happy to introduce you to Lamento Cubano by Lourdes Pita. Who is Lourdes Pita? Why should you…

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