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12 Days of Christmas Gifts: The Full 2020 Rundown

In the 12 days of Christmas gifts from Krannaken, we gave you access to 12 free plugins. These weren’t just any plugins. We gave you access to the very best plugins that we could find anywhere online. In this post, we also give you the full rundown of those Christmas gifts. Therefore, this post is…

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VK1 by Blamsoft – Freebie Friday – 11th December 2020

Freebie Friday this week brings the VK1 by Blamsoft. This is a nice little softsynth and is especially good if you are making electro base or synthwave music. Being free is also another great bonus and a way for Blamsoft to get as many downloads of this synth as possible. What is VK1 by Blamsoft?…

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Free Download: Modular Synthesis With Voltage Nucleus

With modular synthesis, we imagine big boards of knobs and sockets that cost thousands of dollars and literally cover your walls. However, Voltage Nucleus is a free software instrument that is currently available 100% free from Plugin Boutique. In this video, I will review this synthesiser for you. What is Modular Synthesis? Basically, Voltage Nucleus…

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