Seth Hilary Jackson With the Upbeat Here We Are

Seth Hilary Jackson is an award-winning singer-songwriter from the United States whose honours have even included an invitation to perform at the White House. In today’s post, I have the honour, privilege and pleasure of reviewing Seth’s song, Here We Are. As usual in this post, I am going to be positive. I will share…

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Silent Thunder Strikes Like Omer B on Guitar

Silent Thunder is the new track from guitar virtuoso Omer B. The track is entirely instrumental but takes inspiration from country, rock, blues and jazz. Today, we will take a good look at the track. Indeed, I have it on repeat while I am making this post. I find that it helps to get inside…

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Joseph James – Valentine

Valentine is the new and very beautiful love song by Joseph James. It is a pleasure to be working with music of such high quality. In this post, as usual, we will look at who Joseph James is, what I like about the song and where I think it can be improved. I just hope…

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