how to produce stock music

How to Be a More Productive Music Producer

It is possible to be more productive in any area of life, so why should your music creation be any different? In this post, I am going to show you how to be a more productive music producer. This means you will be able to sell more music, merch, market your music more efficiently or…

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Stock Music Libraries: 5 Top Tips From Industry Professionals

Writing production music for production music libraries is a big deal for new and aspiring artists. Writing music for stock music libraries is always going to be your quickest route into making money with your music. Therefore, you really need to check out this post. Again, this blog post is inspired by something I found…

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How to Make Music That Makes Money in 2021

Knowing how to make music that makes money plays a big part in your success as a music producer. Generating money with music is a measure of success. The ability to make great music goes hand-in-hand with the marketing skills needed to be successful. What Niche is Best if You Want to Learn How to…

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