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How to Prepare For Your First Studio Session: 5 Actionable Tips

This post is inspired by the video above. I have found that a great way to find blog post ideas is to go through my YouTube feed and find the subjects related to music and music marketing that are most interesting. Therefore, today we are looking at how to prepare for your first studio session….

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8 Significant Benefits of Live Streaming Concerts From Home

I feel it is important to understand that lockdown does not take away the arts in any way, shape or form. While people live, there will always be arts. Therefore, we should understand these benefits of live streaming concerts from home. The arts have not changed and people have learned to adapt. We still play…

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How to Watch Live Music Under Lockdown

Unless you are fortunate enough to live life in the old normal world, you will know all about the pandemic and what it has meant for so many people in the last year. Currently, we are under lockdown here in the UK. Therefore, it would be great to know how to watch live music under…

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