music production

How to Work Remotely With Musicians Online

If you haven’t already tried to work remotely with different musicians across cyberspace, this post is for you. I have done this in my University studies and I wanted to show and share with you how to work remotely with musicians online and how this process doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might…

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How to Write Your Next Hit Song: A Tutorial

Finding inspiration for songwriting is something that all songwriters experience. Therefore, in this post we will look at how to find inspiration for songwriting. It tends to be either that you need to find inspiration for songwriting lyrics or chords. Some are better at songwriting lyrics than chords, and others are vice-versa. In this post,…

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Stutter Edit 2 by iZotope – Reviewed

Stutter Edit 2 is an incredible new VST plugin from iZotope. It enables you to create the famous “stutter” editing effect. Different effects can be triggered simply by pressing another key on your midi controller. Therefore, you can easily trigger different midi effects in different areas of your mix. You can also change any preset,…

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