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Get Your Free Download: Spitfire Audio LABS

In today’s video podcast, we review the popular Spitfire Audio Free Download, LABS. As you will notice from the video, the sound quality of the products in LABS is...

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Free Download: Dexed VST Softsynth

Freebie Friday this week features Dexed VST Softsynth by Digital Suburban. This was indeed one of the most popular VST’s of 2019. Please watch the video for a run-through...

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A Review of Alex Genadinik on Russian Folk Guitar

Although Alex Genadinik has lived in New York for over 20 years, he never forgets that his roots are on Russian soil. Alex sings and plays many Russian folk...

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How to Write an Executive Summary for a Music Artist

The executive summary is the first thing that you have to write in your executive summary. This includes your business name, your slogan and your elevator pitch. Let’s look...

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The Powerful, New And Complete Guide To Music Marketing

This video is the first of my videos for my Udemy course. The course will go along with the book, Complete Guide to Music Marketing. This course will be...

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How To Download Voxengo Span For Free

Today is Freebie Friday and I have decided to bring you one of the best freebies you will find anywhere. You can simply click on the link below and...

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