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Welcome to our website.  We are Krannaken, an EDM duo from Birmingham, UK.  We specialize in creating royalty-free production music for various libraries as well as music production digital downloads for music artists, producers and DJs.

We are both music graduates and we also both have a visual impairment.  It is our mission to prove that our disabilities are not a barrier in our ability to create music to exceptionally high standards.   

You can find our music either in our shop on this website, or on any of the sites below…

JamendoPond 5SongtradrWeMakeDanceMusic




Spotify Deleted 750 Thousand Songs: My Thoughts and Reaction

I was worried when I first heard that Spotify deleted 750 thousand songs. My first reaction was to see if any of those tracks were mine. I had to...

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Duck by Devious Machines: More Than Just a Sidechain

Before I came across Duck by Devious Machines, I had some real issues creating effective sidechain effects in my music. Duck makes it easy to create the perfect sidechain...

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